KVTC-65C In-Ceiling Speaker

Model KVTC-65C

Drivers 6.5" Polypropylene electrodynamic woofer

Tweeter 1" Mylar tweeter

Nominal Impedance

Power Handling 40W

Product Dimensions
(Diameter x Depth)
230mm x 102mm
9" x 4"

Cut-out Dimensions

Mounting Depth 102mm

Net Weight 1.6kg

Frequency Response 70-20,000Hz

Technology Included in the KVTC-65C Speaker

Discrete Components

Discrete components provide clear, non-distorted sound that typical IC (integrated circuits) can’t provide due in part to their ability to be less susceptible to electrical interference and noise. Integrated circuits, by definition, require large amounts of negative feedback in order to operate, while a discrete component design can be done with little to no negative feedback. Having separate components complete its own job for the speaker will provide the best, distortion-free audio.

Ultra-Thin Bezel Design

Our ultra-thin bezel enables the speaker to offer a minimal aesthetic impact in your homes décor while providing a modern design. The thin bezel will also give the ability the squeeze the largest speaker possible into your home, giving you the best possible sound.

Colour Matching Grills

To allow the speakers to fit seamlessly with any room décor, the user can paint the grills any colour. No longer do you have to choose between speakers that fit your colour scheme and those that perform to the highest user expectations.

Butyl Rubber Surrounds

Butyl rubber surrounds will not dry rot like typical foam surrounds. Using rubber instead of foam will allow the speaker to give you accurate detailed music for the life of the speaker.

Quick Install Dog-Ears

The dog-ears offer a quick and simple installation that provide a resonance free install. Simply slide the speaker into the wall and turn each of the dog ear brackets until they securely clamp the speaker to the drywall. Using dog ears is one of the easiest, quickest and most secure ways to install an in-wall speaker. Its simplistic and secure design is used for all of our speakers.